Brite Tanks

Well crafted brite tanks made in China by a trusted manufacturer. Each tank goes through an inspection before delivery to our customers to make sure all welds are sanitary and well polished. Interior walls are inspected and receives additional polishing if needed. Jacket are pressure tested by us as well.

  • Volume + ~30% headspace
  • Inner-shell (SUS304), thickness: 3.0mm
  • External-shell (SUS304), thickness: 1.5mm (single wall also available)
  • Insulation thickness: 80mm
  • Polishing to Ra0.4μm
  • Interior mirror polish
  • 150°cone design
  • Single glycol cooling zones
  • Side shadowless manway
  • CIP arm
  • Thru the wall spray ball
  • 4″ dry hop port;
  • SS footpad
  • Carbonation stone
  • Sight glass
  • Adjustable pressure relieve valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Sample valve
  • Tri clamps and seals
  • Butterfly valves
  • Thermowell
  • Temperature probe sensor
  • 1BBL $2,500.00
    3BBL $4,000.00
    5BBL $5,100.00 Drawing
    7BBL $6,500.00 Drawing
    10BBL $7,800.00 Drawing
    15BBL $9,800.00 Drawing
    20BBL $12,400.00 Drawing
    30BBL $13,900.00 Drawing
    40BBL $16,400.00
    60BBL $19,100.00
    90BBL $23,800.00
    • Prices in USD
    • Prices subject to change without notice.
    • Please request a quote to obtain an official locked in price.
    • Includes sea freight shipping cost and delivery to our warehouse.
    • Drop ship available based on location
    • Does not include delivery cost and unloading to your brewery
    • Does not include applicable retail taxes.
  • Certified 304SS, ISO 9001 foundry
  • Stainless has been PMI tested
  • Inspection by third party inspection agency done prior to loading
  • Audited factory for quality standards
  • 1 year warranty which covers any leaks or defective parts
How long does it take to receive my equipment?

You are looking at 90-120 days from the day we receive your deposit. Minor delays are expected and is out of our control such as port workload, sea conditions and factory workload.

What are the shipping conditions?

  • All prices includes sea freight
  • Drop ship available based on your location
  • Does not include delivery cost and unloading to your brewery (drop ship can help you save based on your location)
  • Does not include applicable retail taxes