Seller Information - Equipment Auction

Ask a question

You have a question before sending us a listing request? Ask it here! Expect a reply within 24 hours.

We try to make things as easy as possible for you to sell your equipment. We’ve contributed to over 30 installs of new breweries so you can count on our knowledge to get the job done.


The process is as follow


  1. Submit your equipment details and photos through this page 

    If you have any questions there is a field at the end of the form but you can also ask your question prior to submitting your info right here using the form provided on this page..

  2. We will receive your information and we will proceed on creating your listing. If we need more information or require clarification we will contact you
  3. We will send a legal agreement for you to read and sign
  4. You will receive a link to review the information
  5. Once the listing is approved we will put the auction live
  6. When auction ends there is two possible outcome

    You have a winner : We will collect the payment from the client within 48 hours and once that payment has been cleared on our side (usually within 24 hours), we will transfer you the amount minus the seller fee of 10% before tax.

    You have no winner : You can choose to renew the listing or simply cancel it. There are no fees for canceling or renewing your listing.


That’s it! If you need our help in extracting the equipment, crating and shipping it, we can provide such service. That will be quoted accordingly on request.