COOL-FIT® ABS Lite is a pre-insulated version of COOL-FIT® ABS ready to install on-site for chilled water and air conditioning systems inside buildings.

The COOL-FIT® ABS system includes pipe, fittings, transition fittings to copper, manual valves and measurement and control devices.


COOL-FIT® ABS Plus is a pre-insulated plastic piping system for unrivaled energy efficiency and tough secondary cooling and refrigeration.

COOL-FIT® ABS Plus is ready to install on chilled water, air conditioning systems and/or secondary refrigeration systems outside or where high efficiency is required. COOL-FIT® ABS Plus is ideal for the transportation of chilled water, iced water, salt solutions, glycol solutions and organic salt solutions. The system is water and vapor tight.


COOL-FIT® ABS is a complete system solution for secondary cooling and refrigeration piping systems. The system is based on the tried and tested ABS plastic system from GF Harvel which contains pipe fittings, valves and transition fittings, now with the option for pre-insulated pipe and fittings with outer jackets in black (COOL-FIT® ABS Plus).

COOL-FIT® ABS systems offer an energy efficient solution for industrial low temperature applications, refrigeration and cooling systems.