Heating elements

Bucan was established in 1985 as a small family firm making mainly cartridge heaters and mica band heaters for the plastics industry. Over the years, through ongoing Research and Development, Bucan has broadened its product line to include industrial process heaters, flexible heaters, temperature sensors and control panels. We now serve a wide range of industries including but not limited to: the petrochemical, biomedical, and hydro-electric power generating industries.


Bucan designs and manufactures custom-made heating products and control systems for diverse industrial process heaters applications.

Through expert engineering collaboration and on-site design and manufacturing facilities, we provide prompt and effective solutions for the heating requirements of various industries.

Bucan has manufactured circulation heaters and control panels for goldmines in Northern Quebec, forced-air duct heaters for hydro-electric power dams in Manitoba, flexible heaters for aircraft-engine manufacturers in North America and Europe, band heaters for Atomic Energy laboratories in Ontario and even cartridge heaters for smoke machines and fog generators used during rock concerts. The hydro-electric, petro-chemical, food service, packaging, plastic processing and medical industries are just some of the sectors that we serve.

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