Hard water stable caustic detergent

Alkadet is a general purpose caustic detergent, designed for use in food, industrial and pharmaceutical applications where CIP, spray, or low-foam cleaning is desirable.

Key Properties
Alkadet is formulated with excellent detergency, dispersancy, and maintains its cleaning ability under hard water conditions. This formula is capable of removing a wide variety of soils; proteins, fats, oils, even baked on soils. Alkadet has been used for CIP cleaning in Food processing and Beverage, spray cleaning of process equipment in pharmaceutical applications, as well as metal cleaning applications in industrial customers.

  • Excellent detergency over wide soil range
  • Hard water control helps to minimize scale buildup
  • Low foaming, even under high agitation
  • Liquid, easily controlled using metering and automating dosing equipment

Alkadet meets United States Department of Agriculture 1998 A2 guidelines. A2. Compound for use only in soak tanks or with steam or mechanical cleaning devices in all departments. Before using this compound, food products and packaging materials must be removed from the room or carefully protected. After using this compound, all surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water.