Extecon GP


Extended Contact, Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaner

Extecon GP: is a general purpose, chlorinated, open plant cleaner which can be used through the typical foam equipment found in food facilities. When diluted with water in the recommended range a thin gel is created; the thickened solution clings strongly to surfaces and increases contact time. The increased contact time allows the cleaner to penetrate and react with soils, facilitating their complete removal from surfaces .

Extecon GP is also exceptionally free rinsing; reducing amount of water required to flush surfaces free of cleaner and soil residues. Once flushed from equipment surfaces to the floor, the foam collapses quickly and is easily sent down drains adding to the savings of time and water.

Key Properties

  • High retention characteristics increase penetration and cleaning of difficult soils.
  • Improved adherence to vertical surfaces reduces time and chemical needed to re-spray surfaces.
  • Free rinsing, easy to flush from surfaces after use.
  • Low foam profile makes it easy to flush cleaner residues down drains.
  • Can be used through most existing foam equipment.
  • Extecon GP is in compliance with previous USDA guidelines for food plant cleaning.