PH Calibration Solution Tablets


30 Pack pH Buffer Calibration Solution Tablets, pH 4.00, 7.00 and 10.00, Color Coded, Precise and Easy Calibration of All pH Meters [30 Tablets Total, 10 at Each pH Value]

  • EASY TO USE – Simply drop one tablet in 20 mL of distilled water and wait 90 seconds.
  • TONS OF TABLETS – This listing provides 30 tablets total, 10 tablets at each pH value.
  • BETTER THAN POWDER – These tablets have a 3 year shelf life! Tablets are tidy and more precise compared to messy powders.
  • COLOR CODED – Each pH buffer produces a different color liquid ensuring you always know which pH solution is which.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE -Test tablets allow for you to create fresh calibration solutions at any time! Tablets remain the most consistent and reliable reagent format available, delivering maximum accuracy for the user.